What Does the Word "Journal" Say About Its Meaning?

As you may know, I have always had a fascination with words. I love knowing the story behind them, their country's of origin and how the definitions have changed over the years. I think knowing these things add a real richness and depth to the words we say when we're either talking with other people or writing to them. So, I guess it makes great sense that the words we write to ourselves are really important, too.

Here at UnSabotage, journaling plays a critical role in all the way from discovery (or UnCover) through to implementation (UnLeash). What I love so much about journaling is we may not even know we think or believe something until we see it written in our own hand on paper. You'd be surprised to know how many times that's happened to me! 

Recently I've had a number of people ask me why start with a journal? It's a great question and I thought I'd answer it by taking a look at the root meaning of the word.

JOURNAL [jur-nl] (noun): A daily record, as of occurrences, experiences, or observations

At its root is the French word "jour" or daily or day. A common use of this in our culture is soup du jour or soup of the day, right?

Isn’t that interesting. By definition and at its core, a journal is something that we interact with daily. It has an element of habit or consistency in its very nature. By the way, there’s no guilt or shame here! I've had seasons of being very consistent with my daily journaling practice and I’ve had times where I was absolutely not.

So, a journal is like a daily appointment with your own best interests. #love 

Let's take that thought a little further. I also love to know the words that are related to a given word I'm researching and in this case, that related word is journey. Journey's root word is also jour, so a journey is something, again by definition and at its core, that we work on daily! The ground that we gain today may be a few inches. And tomorrow it may be a few miles. The journey we’re on right now may be braving a mountain range or a more relaxing trek across rolling plains, but it's something that we embark in daily. Interestingly, the only antonym listed for journey is inaction.

So it’s the consistent steps, no matter how large or small, we take that actually get us through the journey to the destination.

Today, what kind of a journey are you on? Is it a journey of starting a business or growing a business? Is it a journey of raising a child or a few children? Is it a journey of volunteering or maybe even running for political office? What does your current journey look like?