Break Free From the Swirling Wasteland of Self-Sabotage.

UnSabotage is the unique 5-section activity journal that will help you recognize, name, and escape your self-sabotage for good.

UnCover: Discover What’s Keeping You Stuck In A Swirling Wasteland Of Self-Sabotage

UnPack: Easily Extract Your Limiting Thoughts And Gain Greater Clarity Around Your Actions Through A Unique Visual Journaling Method

UnBitter: Experience The Untold Power Forgiveness, UnBitter Provides A Framework For Forgiving Those Who Have Wounded You In The Past

UnVeil: Discover And Develop Your Secret Superpowers (You’ll Never Believe What They Are!) 

UnLeash: Take Action With Your Newly Discovered Greatness So You Can Live The Life You Were Meant To Live!

This encouraging and accessible approach was designed with you in mind. Use it time and time again to UnCover and UnPack what’s holding you back, UnBitter by forgiving those who’ve hurt you, then UnVeil and UnLeash the true you. Stop worrying about how you’ll ever break free from this vicious self-sabotage cycle once and for all and UnSabotage Your Life!


Why UnSabotage?

Because it's time to stop holding your self back. Our world desperately needs to see your heart, art and smarts. So, let's UnSabotage together!

 UnSabotage your life: A journal for getting out of your own way and living the life of your dreams!

UnSabotage your life: A journal for getting out of your own way and living the life of your dreams!




Thoughtful and Meaningful

"This book is an interactive experience with the author. Using thoughtful and meaningful prompts, she gently and expertly guides the reader through self-discovery toward unleashing your best you. This is also an excellent tool for those who mentor others in discovering their true purpose."

— Amazon Reviewer

Highly Recommend!

"Loved this! It was nice to have meaningful and useful prompts as I journaled. It gave my mind a purpose and my writing a goal. The author was very thoughtful and creative throughout the book and made you feel like you had friend/confidant along for the ride! Highly recommend for anyone that's wants to use writing as way to grow and develop."

— Amazon Reviewer

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It's time to UnSabotage Your Life and Break Free.

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