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TITLE: Shatter Your Glass Walls!
For heart-centered women who have big dreams and want to make a difference but, for whatever reason, find that they keep holding themselves back from their potential. It's time to shatter your Glass Walls!

SPECIAL GUEST: Ginny Townsend, Author and Founder of UnSabotage
Are you tired of feeling stuck when you know you were born to live a big life and make a big difference? Join Ginny Townsend and discover how to finally UnCover what’s been holding you back and finally go after that dream life you know you were made for without the overwhelm and anxiety of trying to figure it all out on your own.

In this action-packed session you’ll learn:

• What are "Glass Walls" and how do they affect your everyday life?
• A ground-breaking and powerful method of shattering these invisible "Glass Walls" so you can step into a life you adore
• The 3 simple secrets to finally grabbing hold of the crazy-big, heart-centered, difference-making dream you have inside
• The 5 questions you need to answer to ditch self-sabotage every time it rears it’s ugly head
• The simple yet surprising way to flip self-sabotage upside down and actually UnSabotage!

It’s a disservice to remain stuck when you were meant to change the world you influence. And your world desperately needs the full you showing up. You owe it to yourself to UnSabotage Your Life For Good.

A few fun facts about Ginny:

1. One of my Gallup’s StrengthsFinder strengths is positivity and I actually think it’s this trait that kept me believing there was a solution and a transformation just around the corner from self-sabotage
2. On any given weekend, my hubby Drew and I are probably hiking near our home in Silicon Valley
3. I am a proud momma of my 12 year old doggie, Dolce
4. The chances of me starting a sentence with the phrase “So I was listening to a podcast the other day...” are alarmingly high

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