Ep 33: How to Build Capacity as an Entrepreneur

It's a term you may or may not be familiar with, but capacity is a behind-the-scenes hero that will help you reach your goals by overcoming hurdles, juggling multiple things that needs to get done, as well as, being brave enough to do things you've never done. Here's what I mean...

Hello, Savvy Entrepreneur!

As we dig into this topic, you know I can't resist looking into what the word actually means.

Google defines "Capacity" as: (N) The maximum amount that something can contain. The ability or power to do, experience, or understand something.

And as I was looking into this word, I stumbled upon its origin. 

It came from a Latin word, “Capere” with means "to take" or "hold." (Side note: I always love when the origins of a word are from a rather ancient context like this - from a dead language in this case - because it means this word has been a part of the human consciousness for millennia. It's something we've always worked to increase, it's a part of who we are.)

Ok, next step: What do I even mean when I say, "increasing our capacity?"

It's basically increasing our ability to handle things - good or bad - either in our personal or business life.

It often grows when we have to deal with crazy schedules, circumstances we never saw coming, difficult people, our preconceived thoughts, AND when the pursuit of our goals meets reality.

In this context, it shows up when we do things we’ve never done before. Stepping out on a limb. Trusting ourselves and those around us. Remembering that the goal we're working to reach is worth more than the potential scariness of that moment.

Capacity, much like a muscle, is usually developed through "the work of it."

But capacity, once it’s earned and nurtured, allows you to handle not only more of the issues but more of the good in our lives.

Perhaps "the work of it" is doing that thing you were terrified to do. Or reaching out to collaborate with someone you thought was too far ahead in their business or really didn’t know that well yet.

But it's in doing those scary things, you’re building the capacity to accept the good that will come from it as well!

So, when you are in the middle of something scary, some unchartered territory, something really challenging or you’re in a season that doesn’t look like it will change fast enough, remember you are building capacity.

This happened to me recently.

We received a phone call about an investment we have - that something was happening that we would have never expected that needed our immediate attention. Then we got a text that a beloved family member was in the hospital.

PLUS... I was in the middle of finalizing everything for the Summit which is actually wrapping up today and we're planning to move in the next couple weeks. No big deal, right?

So, as we were making phone calls trying to sort things out and keep everything moving forward, I had this quiet voice inside me saying “You’re building capacity. You’re building capacity. This is how it’s done. You’re building capacity.”

I felt like all I could do was be in that moment and do what I knew to do. As we checked more and more items off the massive list and heard back from various people who were involved, things felt like they were moving forward in a steady way. Despite the feeling of chaos and those thoughts of "Are you kidding?" Things moved forward.

(And to circle back, the investment situation is now resolved (better than anticipated), our family member is on the mend, the Summit is going to be incredible, and moves are always a bit hairy and it’s going fine.)

So, as you are working on right now that feels a bit overwhelming, daunting, stretching, or uncomfortable? As you contend with these situations (both internal and external), as you do new things that scare you, remember, you are building capacity.

You are building your capacity.

You're building your ability to hold more of the good and handle all the rest.

WEEKLY CHALLENGE: Taking a look at anything that's stretching you now, take a moment to consider how this is growing your capacity. I promise it'll change your posture on moving through this season.



Ep 32: Are We Playing Too Small As We Build Our Businesses?

It's a big question. Are we playing small? And before we get started, this isn't a chastisement, this is a call to step into our greatness and make the difference we're meant to make. So, please engage with that lens in mind.

Have you ever bought something hand made with a tag or sticker that says “Made with love by…”

It’s sweet right? 

And, if you’re not sure how this relates to playing small, hear me out.

Recently, I searched on Pinterest to see what other resources and communities are out there for women entrepreneurs.

I started looking over “women entrepreneurs” “growing a business” “resources for female entrepreneurs” and I noticed a theme...

I kept seeing pins like “make $100 a month on your blog” or "make your first $1 online" and things like that.

Now, while I’m not hating on efforts to pay some bills, or saving for something specific. I have so much respect for that!!

But it did strike me as being the prevalent tone of resources on that site.

Then cut to, about a week ago. I’m a part of a few Facebook groups for women entrepreneurs and I spotted this post where a user asked: If you've hesitated in starting a business, why did you do so?

The post had only gone live a couple of hours before and there were already over 300 responses, so I HAD to check them out! Essentially, 98% of them directly said “fear” - others stated concerns about money or what people would think if it failed. But one could make the conclusion that those are simply specific fears. In other words, 100% of the responses were about fear.

This doesn't surprise me. There are a lot of new things to figure out and test and try. Nothing is really guaranteed to work and even though some things will work, others won’t. And it can be tiring and isolating if you don’t have a network of people working on something similar. 

Entrepreneurialism is really a dance with your fear. It's only when fear leads that dance that it starts to gain unnecessary influence over our business (and lives).

So, let’s go back to that sticker. Made with love by…

As you build your business, as you build your dreams, and what matters to you.

I ask a sincere favor of you.

Please don’t let your sticker say “made with fear by…” 

Of all the things that define what we do, I’m certain we don’t want have one of those “created with fear stickers” on our work.

Yah, anything new is scary and undefined. But something that’s birthed in fear will probably not veer off that course.

And I sincerely believe that fear is one of the biggest drivers behind playing small. Hear me, I am NOT hating on efforts that start out small, or raising small ones, or anything else in life that happens to be small.

We can live in a small house or have a small family or run a small business but if we're playing small... that's the kicker. And what do I mean by that? Great question.

Let’s take a look at this from a difference perspective. Let's UnSabotage how we look at fear and it's call to play smaller.

What would happen if you played bigger? 

A few episodes ago (around Thanksgiving) I did an episode where I talked about a guy named Naveen Jain. He’s currently working to mine the moon and make illness optional. NBD. 

But something he mentioned in a talk I heard was this idea: if you have a dream to do something big enough, you’ll attract the best people in their areas to help you. People were giving up prestigious roles at places like MIT and Oxford to come work with this guy who dared enough to play big.

So, while it may seem scarier to play a bit bigger, you won’t be doing it alone. #mindblown

If his dream was small enough to be solvable by one person, these world-class experts would not have been drawn in. There would be no need. It's when we take a moment to ask ourselves if we're living below our potential or playing the safe game we know how to play.

If you’re wondering to yourself, “OMG, why is Ginny so set on this thought that we should think bigger?” 

It’s because I believe we have the ability to accomplish so much more than most of us think we can!

Since I know most of my audience is women, I’ll speak directly to you: I believe the cure for cancer, and the solution for daunting problems like generational poverty and illiteracy are already in the mind of a woman. If only she can get her idea to market. 

We as humans have the capacity to solve huge problems and so I hope you’ll take my challenge to ask yourself “am I playing too small?”

And here’s something interesting: it doesn’t take 10x the energy to build something 10x from your current idea. In fact, it might not even take a 2x of your energy to build that bigger thing. And, remember, it's the 10x ideas that attract other people. So, could it be true that if we 10x our ideas, our workload may... decrease? Or at the very least stay the same but make a MUCH larger difference?

Also, I want you to know I take my own medicine. I’ve been hosting live training events around the bay for women entrepreneurs and those who want to be someday soon, and I thought to myself, am I thinking big enough here?

Am I making a big enough difference? Am I reaching enough women entrepreneurs to start making a difference? 

Can you guess what came out of that exercise? (And if you want to learn from some of the best women in their fields about playing bigger and unleveling, I’m creating something specifically with you in mind.)

I decided that a worldwide online event would be the way to gather women entrepreneurs from around the world AND gain access to high-caliber speakers who would lovingly pour into these entrepreneurs.

It's been big, it's been scary. But I'm starting to catch a glimpse of the impact it's already making and the Summit hasn't even started yet!

It’s called the UpLEVEL Together Online Summit and it’s next week! April 23-27th and you can discover more details at upleveltogethersummit.com

So join us, the experts are incredible, their teachings will blow you away and the community that’s rising up around this is remarkable.

I’ll see you next week at the summit

So, here's the weekly challenge: Whatever you are doing, whatever you are building, take a moment and ask yourself. Are you playing big enough? 

Let's make our world better through our work. Thanks for trusting me enough to take on this challenge and think bigger!


Ep 31: What To Do When You're Not Quite "THERE" Yet

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Over the years, I’ve learned to pay attention when I see themes pop up in my life. And lately, I’ve noticed a theme in several conversations I’ve had. There seems to be a readiness to be “there” right now. 

NOTE: It might be a bit meta, but it's worth mentioning that the audio on this week's episode is a bit off. So, I made the call to post this since I really believe in the content I share, but please have a bit of grace... because apparently, we're not all there yet. ;)

Not being "THERE yet? What do I mean by that?

Sometimes it’s the weariness of the struggle, sometimes it’s been conversations about when will these things take off.

Whatever the specifics of the conversation have been, the theme stood out to be bright as day.

Earlier this year, I hosted an event (I’ve been doing that more and more… so, more on that shortly!) with an incredibly smart brand and marketing strategist, Chandra Lynn. #Shoutout!

She led the audience in an exercise around developing a personal brand you love. It was amazing. And she used this analogy to create a space of imperfection and growth. She called it “being in the goo.” 

What she meant by that is when a caterpillar’s time has come to transform into this incredible butterfly, it creates it’s own cocoon and it’s in that place where the transformation happens. 

She calls it “goo” because it’s the middle, the changing, the lack of firm ground, the in between. The form doesn’t yet exist. It’s the goo. 

Great picture, right?

It’s not easy to be in the goo. Especially when you know you’re capable of greatness. It can feel like time wasted, and even helpless.

There’s not really a horizon to keep your eyes on, right?

To honor those who I’ve spoken with lately, your wings are in there with you. They’re forming and growing and strengthening.

And while you may be focusing on all the work and even the exhaustion that can come from transformation, I want to remind you of something simple and true: You have greatness written all over you and this time in the goo is not wasted.

Remember, even though success may not come with a straight path, think of the butterfly! It’s starts as an egg, then to caterpillar, then to cocoon, then to flight. Not a straight line.

A few years ago, I heard a gentleman speak about the butterfly’s metamorphosis process. He and his daughter were outside when the daughter spotted a cocoon that had a butterfly trying to emerge She asked him “Dad, can we help it out of there?

Then the dad said, “No! This is actually where the butterfly’s wings gain their strength. If we helped it now, it wouldn’t be able to fly. So, because we want it to fly, let’s let it do it’s thing.”

When the butterfly’s wings start to take form but they don’t yet have the freedom or strength to take it anywhere.

And here’s the interesting thing. I think this metamorphosis takes place on the big and small levels. It may be a re-birth of your career, or it may be an unleveling in a specific area of your life.

Here’s an example in my own life - it's this show! When I made the decision to move from FB live to a pre-recorded show (want to learn more about this decision? Hop on over to Episode 28) to be more strategic with my time.

But it’s taken SO MUCH MORE TIME! Even though it's just been the actual implementation mechanism that changed, my time spent on each episode has skyrocketed. It's not what I hoped for or planned for. 

However, it was a great reminder to me that every time we uplevel our own game, we step (maybe with just one foot) back into the goo.

Consider this: a caterpillar sheds it’s exoskeleton about 5 times as it grows... all before it envelops itself in the cocoon! So, that's about 5 transformations AS a caterpillar.

So, if in the big picture you feel like you’re not quite flying yet, don’t worry. You’re moving closer and closer to that moment. And when you get there, you’ll be ready for it.

This is the work. This is the transformation. So if you feel like your wings can’t quite expand like you know they could, you know you’re in the goo and this work is bringing you to flight.

Your greatness is forming and strengthening. 


Ep 30: What the Olympics Reminded Me About Balance (And Why I Think It's All a Lie)

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I don't know about you, but I LOVE the Olympics! All the greatness, all the new records, all the countries coming together to compete on the world’s stage. It’s one of my favorite seasons and I look forward to it every couple years.

What the olympics reminded me about living a “balanced life..." What? I'm sure that's not the first thing you think of when you think of the Olympics but this last week it stood out to me and I decided I just HAD to share.

And with that in mind, I’m gonna say something that might sound "off-balance," (pun intended) or extreme. And I’m gonna come down pretty hard on this idea that I think keeps people (and I see it more in women than men) below their potential. 

Then I’m also going to share a slight shift in how we can look at this that would serve us much better. 

But even though people keep saying “you’ve gotta be balanced” or “I’m just trying to find balance” and things like that, I'm pretty sure it’s one of those let’s-keep-everyone-average lies. 

Here’s what I mean. Let’s take a look at the value it provides in our lives...

On the one hand, balance is completely unaware of seasons in our life. As my husband says, it has no “situational awareness.” Balance is this unattainable perfect ratio of X% of our time working X% of our time with family and friends and X% resting.

On the other hand, it is a resource for guilt and shame because we don’t hit those ratios and feel balanced.

Finally, what would the result be if our life did look balanced? What if work needed more time? Or your family needed more time? Would you resent either if they threw off the balance?

If you were to look at any of the Olympians out there on the slopes and on the courses and rinks, would you ever say “you know, I bet they live a balanced life.”

Let’s be real, the Olympics would not capture our attention like it does if the promise was to feature “balance” - of course on the ice and in the air - but balance in the context we’re talking about today.

It’s so interesting - we as people (I see it over and over again) and this desire inside of us that draws us toward greatness. We want to be around greatness. We want to be great.

And that’s why, like I said, we love the Olympics. We want to see people who are the best at what they do, break records, achieve the unachievable, win against all odds… be great!! 

Look at our summer blockbusters like Wonder Woman. I’ll admit, I love those movies. When the heroes band together, they live a balanced life. They clock in and out at the same time everyday. They keep their work/life balance on point. Because that’s the goal.

Ok, I hope I’ve made my point. Because every time my hubby Drew and I walk out of a great action movie, I look at Drew and ask “Don’t you kind of feel like you just saved the world?”

Yes!! We do!! Because it’s that pull toward greatness inside of us that’s coming to life.

So, we have this draw toward greatness but then we’re told to be balanced.

Can you see my frustration here?

Like I said, I came down pretty hard on this idea of balance.

So, how can we UnSabotage this thought that we have to be balanced?

In talking with many friends and even family who are working on big goals and have accomplished great things, they’ve agreed with my working hypothesis and here it is: it’s much more about rhythms and presence than it will ever be about balance.

Let’s go back to the Olympians: there is a training season, a preforming season, a publicity season, and an off season. I’m 100% certain they have no expectation of achieving balance.

You know why? Balance won’t get them to the Olympics. Rhythms will. Seasons will. 

And even though I know movies like Wonder Woman are stories, same thing. Balance won’t save the world from evil. 

There’s a time for high-level, there’s a time for lower level, but they may be months apart. Your rhythm could look like a weekly one, or a monthly one, or a quarterly one.

So, that’s rhythm. The other part is presence.

Just like the Olympians and Wonder Woman, even though their life doesn’t look “balanced” they are fiercely present. They have to be present to be great. I’m sure they have to be present with any family time they get. 

So, I challenge you to change the way you’re looking at balance in this two-part challenge:

1. It’s worth taking note and naming the season you’re in right now. And do you see a season coming up? Are you in the middle of a launch? Or are you writing a book? Or are you in a fulfillment season? What ever it is, name it.

2. Be present. As you transition from work to home or from home to work, take those minutes of transition to remind yourself to be present when you show up. Whether or not you take my first challenge of Seasons, consider this one. You may have a truly “balanced” life of being physically present at work, at home, or wherever, but if you’re not mentally present, you may as well not be there. Or… you may be in a very busy season but super present at home with family and feel MUCH more fulfilled. 


P.S. I heard a reporter covering the Olympics mention this phrase almost in passing and I thought you'd like to hear it, too: To be a legend in the sport, you have to change it. 

Ep 29: What Life Looks Like Inside Your Comfort Zone (Spoiler Alert: It's Not Super Attractive)

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What's up, Gorgeous! I'm so glad you're here. Have you heard a quote, and even though it's brief, stops you in your tracks? I had an experience like that this last week. And it's the basis for this week's episode...

"You can't fulfill your calling in your comfort zone."
- Steven Furtick

Psst. Are you looking for the Free Resource "One Step Out of Your Comfort Zone"? Scroll down just a bit and claim yours now!

So, what do you think about that quote? How does it strike you? Let's unpack this a bit...

First of all, what is a comfort zone? We all probably instinctively know what this phrase means, but I find it really helpful to dig in by simply looking at the definition, no assumptions made. According to Google, it means “a place or situation where one feels safe or at ease and without stress.”

Can you picture a scenario where that is the case in your life? It could be having dinner with friends, Sunday afternoon naps (my personal favorite), or something else I want us to consider…

Zero gravity environment

Wait, what?? But think about it. In a zero gravity environment, there is no pressure (providing you have air and all the other requirements of life) on your body. I did some research into what this environment does to people and here's what I found...

In a Zero Gravity Environment,  according to NASA, “muscles atrophy quickly, because the body perceived it does not need them. The muscles used to fight gravity—like those in the calves and spine, which maintain posture—can lose around 20% of their mass if you don’t use them Muscle mass can vanish at a  rate as high as 5% a week.”

“For bones, the loss can be even more extreme. Bones in space atrophy at a rate of about 1% per month, and models suggest that the total loss could reach 40 to 60 percent!”

It also affects our blood. Again according to NASA, our blood pressure is about 2.5 times higher in our feet than in our head (also called a pressure gradient), because of gravity and the weight of our body above our feet.

And with a higher blood pressure in the head, our bodies read this as dangerous and can lose as much as 22% of their blood volume as a result.

This affects our heart and because there’s less blood to pump, our heart itself starts to atrophy. (!!?!)

Additionally, in space astronauts physical appearance can change. Without the normal pressure gradient we're used to on Earth, their faces generally become more puffy and their legs thin out due to fluids being redistributed around the body.

While this is a pretty impactful list of affects, there’s actually so much more (this is a great topic to research if it interests you!). 

But the point is, a complete comfort zone doesn’t actually exist.

We may feel weary of gravity or the winds of resistance or in our relationships, but the truth is, there is no true comfort zone.

Like I mentioned in a previous episode, one of the universal laws, The Law of Constant Change, states that nothing ever stays the same. It’s either growing of it’s shrinking. Consider a glass of water, our lungs, our bank accounts, our waistlines... Always changing.

So… if we live our lives in a comfort zone, we start to atrophy. It may not be obvious at first. It may be our desire to try new things. Or it may be our follow through. Or it may be our lack of going after that ideal client (even though you’d love working with them!).

With that in mind, here’s the interesting thing. It’s actually MUCH safer to live outside of our comfort zone.

That might sound jarring but I invite you to look at the idea of what's out of our comfort zones in a different light.

When we push ourselves, even slightly outside of our comfort zones, look at what can happen.
- Our bones actually get stronger when we walk more (I was actually a participant in a study on this in college, so I’ll never forget it)
- We gain a different perspective and see opportunities we might have missed before. Simply because we changed where we’re standing.
- Other people are usually standing outside our comfort zone. And the quality of our lives usually build down to the quality of our relationships.
- Life is outside of our comfort zones.

Now, I get taking a breather. And I love when I get to take it easy just like everyone else. So, this is not a guilt trip (we’ve all been one one too many of those), and this is not me telling you to do the things you dread and none of the things you want to do.

I’m simply inviting you to take one step out of your comfort zone TOWARD your big goal. Then, take moment. And look around. I promise life will look different and even more hope-filled when you move just a couple steps from where you’re standing now.

Unsure of how to make this happen? Well, I’m never one to leave someone guessing! I’ve created a special worksheet just for you to help you make a savvy decision on where to make that next step.

If this sounds like exactly what you’ve been looking for, click HERE to get your step-by-step guide for free.

Alright, Gorgeous. Remember you can’t live your calling (or your best life) inside your comfort zone.


Ep 28: Why I'm Breaking Up with Facebook Live (What I've Learned From Doing Weekly Lives for 6 Months)

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Hey, Gorgeous! This week's episode is a little bit of a different one. And that's because it marks the 6-month anniversary of this show! Woohoo! Thanks for joining me on this ride.

As you may know, I always have an experiment or two taking place in my business and in my life. Facebook Live has been one of them. I've been using the platform to film my weekly show and I made a 6-month commitment to the experiment.

I knew that length of time would be enough to learn the platform, doing some tests within my episodes and really see how it plays out from a benefits/downside/time-commitment/etc. perspective.

And this episode breaks it all down: the good, the bad, and how it's still an effective strategic tool in your business. Let's dig in!

Here's what I thought would be most helpful to cover in this week's episode:

  1. HOW I've actually been using Facebook Live - because context is really everything
  2. What I've LOVED about this platform
  3. Why I'm actually breaking up with it when it comes to my Weekly Show
  4. Is it too late to jump in? What's working now with Facebook Live
  5. My biggest takeaways

OK, let's do it!

HOW I've Actually Used the Facebook Live Platform

As I mention in the Facebook Live above, I've used this platform to actually capture the episode. So, in other words, it's been my filming mechanism.

Every Tuesday at 11am PT, I would hit that GO LIVE button on my phone and start recording the content I'd developed since the last week.

Once I hit FINISH and ended my episode, I'd:

  1. Upload the video (versus delete, because that's an option) to Facebook,
  2. Download the video to my hard drive
  3. Upload it to Youtube
  4. Turn the video into a blog post on my site (like this one)
  5. Share it on Twitter
  6. Post it on LinkedIn
  7. Rip the audio from the video and turn it into a podcast
  8. And send it out to my email list as my weekly email touchpoint

So, while I used the live-ness of Facebook Live, my intention was that Facebook would not be where these videos ended. I had plans to carry this content I created once across the various platforms where my audience chooses to engage.

And because it was primarily a filming mechanism, I chose to do my Facebook Lives on a day and time that I knew I could fulfill on. Very few holidays land on a Tuesday and I could book meetings before or lunches afterwards. Tuesday at 11am PT was a commitment I could keep.

What I LOVED About Facebook Live

1. Very Wide Reach: When I started doing Facebook Lives, it was obvious that Live was a priority for Facebook. Last summer (I started filming these in August of 2017) was the only time I've EVER seen an actual billboard for Facebook. And the message on that analog ad was HOW to go Live on Facebook. Whoa, right? Priority alert.

And because it was such a priority for them, when I finished up my filming for the week's episode, I would promote the post and get INSANE reach (more details below). Like $5-$10 a day would get a few thousand video views. Again, their priority... I'll share how this has changed in the next section, but this is one big plus that I initially loved about the platform.

2. It Upped My Personal Game: Because there were no second-takes, I needed to not only prepare my content to a point where I felt comfortable speaking it out to whoever tuned in, I had to think on my feet. When I first started shooting these episodes live, I would STRICTLY stick to my outline. But as the weeks progressed, I started to add things as they came to mind while I was talking.

I know this is something that will serve me well (and I'll continue to improve and practice, obviously) for the rest of my career. It was like taking an upper level class on being in the moment.

3. New Content EVERY Week: Because I had made a commitment to you, my audience, to have a new Live every week, I had to develop a discipline of creating content, digging deeper into my own ideas and experiences, find meaningful applications and (a practice I started about a month or two in) weekly challenges. I had to show up with new content, so it forced me to develop a plan to deliver.

4. Opened Doors for Opportunities: This is my 28th episode, so while I've been doing this every week for 6 months, I haven't been doing this forever. BUT... I've received several speaking engagement invitations as a result of others finding and watching/listening to my episodes. And here's the real surprise, I've been approached twice about having my own radio show (!?!!?!!). That's certainly not something I'd considered previously, but (spoiler alert) I said yes to one of them. More details to come soon...

5. How People Interacted with Me Once They Met Me in Person: That might not sound super clear, but hear me out. :) If people watched/listened to these episodes and then later met me in person, either at a speaking engagement, a networking event or otherwise, the consistent feedback I've received from these people is "Wow, I feel like I already knew you.

This one took me by surprise but it's been one of my favorite benefits. All early-stage women entrepreneurs are looking to build "know, like and trust" with our audience and this seemed to be an almost effortless byproduct of creating these Facebook Lives.

6. They're Intentionally Not Over-Produced: I think this is one of the biggest benie's for someone just started a show, or building a brand. Because it's Live, there is an umbrella of grace over the production-value. Viewers don't expect it to be professionally captured in a studio if the content itself is really strong. It's been great to be able to focus on what I actually want to share each week and not necessarily have to manage a studio or other complicated activities on the production side.

Note: I did invest in an Rode external-mic, this Beastgrip Adapter and Rig (may be affiliate links) to make sure the audio and stabilization were strong, but thats really it. I relied on natural light and a colorful background (greenery has been my favorite) to keep the Live production value decently high.

7. Immediate Feedback on Messaging: This is another truly invaluable benefit for Facebook Lives. Maybe you're trying to figure out the specific messaging or a story that captures the wisdom of what you offer. Facebook Live has been incredible for this purpose. If it's not a home run (or even a base hit), you can find it out pretty dang quick.

Why I'm Breaking Up with Facebook Live

So, in total honesty, I'm sure I'll use Facebook Live on a case by case scenario going forward. I'm not saying goodbye forever. But what I AM saying is, it will no longer be a cast member on my weekly show... Here's why.

1. We No Longer Have Access to the HD Version of Our Video: But we used to. When I first started out, we would have the option to choose to upload our video as SD or HD to Facebook (and thereby, be able to DOWNLOAD that video from Facebook as SD or HD), but about month 4 or so, I noticed one time when that option was no longer on the screen. Then, about a month later, I saw it again. Now, for the last month, it hasn't been an option at all. 

If you've been watching my Weekly Show, you may or may not have noticed this, but I noticed it! It is an upper limit on the quality control of my episodes and, though I understand why they most likely made that change (see #4 in the "Is It For You?" Section below), as business owners we need to make the best decision for us as we grow.

Note: If you have no plans of downloading the content to use in other places, this may not be a deal-breaker for you, but it was for me. As an entrepreneur, I want everything I do to be as effective as possible. I want the work I do to matter in every instance, not just in one platform.

2. The Ever-Changing Facebook Algorithm: If you've ever done any kind of business posting on Facebook, I'm sure you've heard about this ever-dynamic algorithm. And you know what, Facebook owns the platform so it's their prerogative. But like #1 above, it affects us so we need to be savvy. 

Since Facebook Live has indeed taken off since last summer (when I saw those billboards up and down the 101), they are again modifying their algorithm based on their new and upcoming priorities. As I alluded to above, when I first started throwing a couple bucks at promoting my Facebook Lives, I would get between 2,000 and 3,000 views a day. What early-stage women entrepreneurs WOULDN'T want that?? But since that time, it's steadily declined. This last month, the same budget brought in 200 to 400 views.

What's interesting was there was no less engagement from week to week. The videos were about similar lengths of time and I was promoting to a similar audience. With all these things considered and a 90% reduction in views, it felt very... algorithmic.... 

These things happen on platforms we don't control, so it was a surprise and from a business perspective, I get it. It was also a factor in my deciding to break up with the platform.

3. The Weekly Time it Requires: Time. It really is our most precious resource. One of the main reasons I planned on giving myself 6 months to test the Facebook Live platform was because I wasn't batching multiple episodes at a time. In other words, I was repeating the same promotional steps every week. So, my time was rather un-leveraged. If reasons #1 and #2 on this list didn't exist, this use of my time may still be worthwhile. BUT... because I can no longer gain access to the HD version of my show and the Facebook algorithm doesn't reward Facebook Lives like it used to, the weekly commitment of my time seems less and less compelling.

I could be using those same hours in a very different, more strategic way (for both of us). I have, for instance, considered creating a checklist or other downloadable tool for episodes going forward, to further take the learning into real life. I would have time to invest in something like that if I was leveraging my time by batching.

Note: A win that has come from my un-leveraged time is I've developed and optimized a rather effective checklist for my weekly show. So... if I want to outsource this part of my work to someone else, I already have a super clear step-by-step checklist to delegate. 

Super Ninja Note: Would a checklist like the one I just referenced be helpful for you? If so, simply mention CHECKLIST! in the comments below.

Is It Too Late to Jump In? What's Working with Facebook Live Now?

In a word, yes. It absolutely is. And the main intention of this episode is to let you know HOW it's still viable and what has changed over the last 6 months.

So, if you're considering a Facebook Live test or even a regular show, try it!! We are still in that pocket of time where "this is the best it'll ever be" still applies. Do it.

And if you're trying to decide whether or not you want to try Facebook Live in your business, take a look at my suggestions on what's working the best right now:

  1. If you want to loop your audience in to something happening right then and there, do it! Say, you're at an event, just had an epiphany, met your childhood hero, or anything else where you think "AH! I want to tell more people about this right now!," that is a perfect instance for Facebook Live. Press "Go Live" right now!
  2. If you don't have any intention of downloading the Live video for further dissemination, great! The SD versus HD is not an issue for you. 
  3. If you want to test messaging and see what catches fire. This is still one of the best utilizations of Facebook Live! You'll be forced to pull your thoughts together and get the content out. Then, you'll be able to see how your audience engages with it. I'm certain this is something marketers, business owners and other influencers would have killed for just a decade ago.
  4. If you think about how Facebook wants us to use their platform. Because, like I said, it is their platform. Frankly, we have no reasonable expectation that they'll cater to our needs. BUT... if we think about how they want us to use it (i.e., to keep users on their platform) I'm sure they'll reward content creators like that.

My Biggest Takeaways

All this leads me to, my final thoughts: the biggest takeaways and how I'm moving forward.

  1. The Facebook Live platform helped me get my first 28 episodes created and out there for the world to engage with my work. I will always be thankful for that!
  2. I'm not throwing the towel in with Facebook Live. More accurately, I'm redefining the relationship, and like I said earlier, it's simply no longer a cast member on the show.
  3. THE WEEKLY SHOW WILL CONTINUE! Just because I won't be using Facebook Live to capture it doesn't mean the show is over. It'll just be presented with a different format (and a new experiment or two), so keep tuning in. ;)
  4. If you're interested in testing out Facebook Live in your business, just do it! Right now. Stop reading and go live. Then, you'll know if you love it, hate it, or need to try it again to be sure.
  5. If you do choose to try it out, set a timeframe around it so you don't feel like you're committed to it forever. Put it into a container and make it work for you.

Well, I know this post and this episode are longer than usual but I hope you found this deeper dive into my experience of doing 6 months worth of weekly Facebook Lives really helpful.

I look forward to seeing you in the new format next week!!


Ep 27: Did You Know There is One Limiting Thought That Targets Your Unique Superpowers?

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It's true. Some thoughts are more powerful than others and some are more targeted than others. And the thought I'm going to share on today's episode is actually both powerful AND targeted.

But... just like pretty much everything I share, the awareness of this thought instantly gives you the upper hand. Here's what I mean...

A number of episodes ago, I did a series on "The Usual Suspects"… these are the limiting thoughts and old habits that we usually find nearby when we discover we’ve been holding ourselves back.

In other words, they are the personified building blocks of Glass Walls.

In my work, I’ve found that there are really only about 12 or 15 Glass Walls if you were to boil them down to their core. But lately I've seen another one surface in my own work as well as in discussions with other women entrepreneurs. And I'm now officially adding it to the list...

It's this whole idea that "X is for someone else, not me." 

That "X" can mean several things to several people. But let's just insert the word "success." So, "that level of success is for someone else, not me."

Or, "Writing a book is for someone else, not me." Or, "That speaking engagement" or "Starting a business" or you name it!

Like other Glass Walls, this one has no basis in reality, though it can feel so real! It actually makes me think of a book I read a couple years ago.

It's called The Acorn Story.

The premise of this hard-to-find book is we’ve all been given these amazing acorns (or gifts), a smaller seed that has the ability to grow into the most beautiful tree.

In other words, it's our unique greatness.

Whether or not that statement sounds profound to you, it's the author's follow-on thought that stopped me in my tracks... she states that all the bad in the world specifically targets your acorn while it's still developing into a gorgeous oak tree.

Depending on your world view, you may call that evil, darkness, or even the resistance. So whatever you call it, this opposing force is strategic.

Then from there, the question this book made me ask was “what is one area you’ve felt consistently attacked, or put down, or belittled?" 

It is actually this area, the author says, where you have the biggest potential. Or to use her words, this could be your acorn. 

Let me give you an example in my own life. When I read this book a few years back, I remember having this "ah-ha" moment...

If I had to look back at memories where I felt like I was being dismissed or belittled, all the instances I could think of revolved around my voice. What I said was dismissed, attacked or belittled. 

And as I had that realization, memories flooded in from across the years that helped bring into focus what had previously felt fuzzy and like unrelated experiences.

So, as a result of that "ah-ha" (and some other similar, incredible moments of clarity), I started to ask myself "What do I have to say?" "Who would listen?" And "How do I actually get out there to be heard?"

You could actually say that this weekly show is a direct result of that moment of clarity.

Where I previously (and definitely sub-consciously) thought "being heard is for someone else, not me" (OUCH! That hurt my heart to type), I was then able to say "Well, if my voice is somehow tied to my acorn, than speaking IS for me."

Do I fully know what that means? No. (But to be honest, I'm not sure fully understanding something before we engage with it is even realistic.)

But can I move toward it? Yes!

And if, even for a moment, you think this is a selfish or a self-indulgent exercise, take a look at one of my favorite quotes...

“All that is necessary for evil to prevail is for good men [and women] to do nothing.” Edmund Burke

The best way to get good people to do nothing is to make them feel like there’s nothing for them to do. Period. 

So, if you think that "X is for someone else, not me" or even get a hint that you're thinking something similar, I lovingly ask you to question that thought.

When you step into your greatness and do what you are uniquely capable of doing, you give life to those around you.

You, as that beautiful oak tree you are, will change the landscape.

And that is for you.

The work, the success, the rewards, the experience, the journey. That is all for you.

I hope you step toward your greatness this week.


P.S. Here are those Usual Suspect Episodes I referenced in today's show.

Episode 12: The Best Advice a Good Glass of Wine Ever Gave Me

Episode 13: Did You Know the Thought "Not Enough" Has a Sinister Sibling?

Episode 14: Changing This ONE OLD HABIT Forever Altered My Business

Episode 15: Have You Met the Super Scary "Always Monster" and "Never Monster?" #BOO

Episode 16: The Biggest Universal Law That Affects Your Success (PLUS I Have a Catapult!) 

Ep 26: Gratitude... The One Quality That Will Make You & Your Business Irresistible to Your Clients!

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Hey, Gorgeous! There's been a lot of discussion around gratitude in the business world and in the personal development sphere lately. Experts and gurus spout stories about how they created a gratitude ritual and their business exploded overnight and things of that nature.

While that doesn't surprise me one bit, gratitude is really powerful, I wanted to take an UnSabotage view on the topic. WHY does gratitude cure all ails? WHY does it mean so much? HOW does it actually work? And... is it tied to the UnSabotage journey?

This week's episode is about all that I discovered. Enjoy!

Gratitude... Have you ever been thinking about something and you start to see it everywhere? That's what has happened with me and the concept of gratitude. Like I mentioned above, it's everywhere right now so I wanted to provide an UnSabotage take on the idea.

Before we really jump in, let's take a look at the word's actual definition (according to Google).

Gratitude: the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.

Did you catch that last part?? A readiness to return kindness!

It’s active, it’s not passive. It’s not weak. 

It’s like "Thankfulness 2.0" or "Thanks Squared."

Here's an example of what I mean: Have you ever heard those stories where a car in line at Starbucks paid for the people behind them and the next person paid it forward and so on and so on. Check out this example where is lasted for 11 HOURS!! And it included 378 people, by the way. 

Or let’s look at a related word: gratuity. The tips we leave for those who wait on us, and serve us. It you look at the tie-in to gratitude, you’re return the kindness they showed us. 

That's literally gratitude.

It’s being thankful AND ready to return the kindness.

I think it’s this piece that has everyone in the business world taking notice of gratitude.

It’s movement. Positive movement.

We as entrepreneurs are always looking for momentum (movement) and gratitude is that kind of movement. 

Now that we know what gratitude is, here’s a list of what it’s not:

  • Stagnant: Have you ever wondered where the Dead Sea got it's name? It's actually because this Sea has consist intake of water from rivers or streams but once the water is in the Dead Sea it has no place to go. All of the salt and minerals that come in via the intake sources stay there with no where else to go. That's what makes the Dead Sea so salty and so adverse to sustaining life. 
  • Isolated: Take a look at any example of thankfulness leading to gratitude and there's never just one person involved. Gratitude cannot exist in isolation. It is a benefit of us trusting others enough to involve them in our lives... and rewarding them with looking to return the kindness as we can.
  • Condemnation or Judgment: Let's take a look the root word for gratitude. It's Latin and the word is "gratus." Gratus is also the root word for grace. So, gratitude, in its fullest form it is being thankful for something about someone else and showing them grace by not also judging that person for any shortcomings. Gratitude cannot exist without us showing that person we're grateful for some grace.


Is it any wonder that we keep hearing that the secret to success in business involves being grateful?!

When we are grateful, we take our thankfulness and pour it back into our world. 

Who doesn’t want to do business with someone like this?

And just in case you feel like writing off this episode as a feel-good-ery, here are three separate studies that look at gratitude in relation to separate parts of our lives:

1. Two professors at Indiana University did an interesting study recently. They took 300 adults who were seeking counseling related to depression and anxiety and broke them into 3 groups.

- One group was asked to write letters of gratitude to someone (anyone) before they started their counseling sessions.

- The second group wrote letters recalling negative experiences they had had in their lives.

- The third group was given no writing assignments at all

What were their findings? “Those who wrote gratitude letters reported significantly better mental health four weeks and 12 weeks after their writing exercise ended.” (!!)

They also found that sometimes it can take time to feel the difference it’s making, but that the effect is like a snowball. In other words, it’s 1+1=4.

2. A group of Chinese researchers looked at the combined effects of gratitude, sleep quality and symptoms of anxiety and depression. 

They found that higher levels of gratitude were associated with better sleep and lower levels of anxiety and depression.

Again... if you’re getting better sleep, of course you’ll be on your game in business. It's rather practical, isn't it?

3. The National Institutes is Health found that people with more gratitude had overall higher levels of activity in the hypothalamus (which helps control several essential functions including eating, drinking, sleeping, metabolism, stress levels and that neurotransmitter we know and love dopamine)! 

Dopamine is considered a “reward” neurotransmitter. So in other words, gratitude creates a virtuous cycle in your mind or an upward spiral.

All this leads me to my thought. Our brains are not these fixed organs that we have no control over. We are constantly rewiring them everyday.

Neuroplasticity, baby! It's amazing.

Not sure what this is? Here's a brief video explaining this amazing part of our selves.

All this to say, coming from my UnSabotage perspective of looking at something that may feel common in a new and fresh light to gain more understanding AND a practical way to up-level our lives, I highly recommend gratitude.

It wakes you up to GOOD happening in the world around us.

It keeps an incredibly powerful movement in your life and business.

It’s a crucial part of UnSabotage-ing our daily thoughts. Remember, we’re like an iceberg. 95% of our thoughts are below the surface and only 40% of those are habit-related. So it’s tapping into the literal majority of our thoughts that can cause us to focus on the negative or on the positive.

Now let's talk about bringing gratitude into our everyday with a challenge! 

Gratefulness challenge: 

1. For the next week, set a reminder in your phone preferably in the morning.
2. And when that reminder goes off, use the Notes app on your phone or whatever you find handy to write down 3 things you’re grateful for in that moment
3. Then, throughout the course of the day, check in to see how the rest of your day feels

Thank you so much for joining me today. I’m so grateful that you’re in my world!

Until next week...



Ep 25: Is It Your Business’s Secret Superpower or Simply a Grain of Sand? #grit

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What on earth could your business's secret superpower be related to a grain of sand? It's a great question - and one I would have asked just a few days ago! 

But I really love the answer. It's insightful, it's challenging, it's encouraging and it's SUPER actionable. So... with that, let's dig in.

Today's episode is brought to you by: Grit! ;) Well, it's all about grit.

Let's start by talking about what the word grit really means. There are two definitions that really intrigued me, and that I think are powerfully related.

1. Small, loose particles of stone or sand
2. Courage and resolve; strength of character

It feels like those two could be related or tied together in some way, right? But it's not incredibly obvious either. So, after reading these two definitions, I took some time to think about how these two takes on the same word could be related (AND more importantly, be insightful as we continue to grow our businesses!).

Here’s how I see the connection: it’s the particles of stone and sand that give something it’s staying power, so it doesn’t give way, it stays.

Do you know what I love about this? The thing that makes something gritty or having staying power, it’s really small.

It’s not a boulder. A boulder couldn't do this work. It’s a bunch of tiny pieces of sand and stone.

Let’s look at it another way: 

Let’s say and artisan sees a really interesting piece of wood. It may not look like much in the beginning, in fact if probably doesn’t.

But that artist has a vision of what it COULD look like. 

So as this artist pursues their vision, there will probably be some bigger chances of wood removed early on. 

But as they progress, the changes to this piece of wood become smaller and smaller. Finer and finer.

And when an artist takes up some sandpaper, the progress may feel much slower.

But it’s in those moments, days, weeks that the artists vision is realized.

1. Sandpaper - change the world around you, make it smoother and more beautiful

2. Just like sand, how we show our grit may be small. But it is the compounding interest of grit that gets us to where we want to be.

If you haven’t seen Angela Lee Duckworth’s TED Talk about grit, that’s a must-watch. She’s currently researching it

She describes GRIT as passion and perseverance - so more of a marathon approach toward our goals than a sprint. And I agree with her. 

Whittle away what needs to be done. Don’t quit. Show your world your grit.

3. What does grit look like in the everyday? It’s in the small things as much as the big things.

- Showing up when you don’t feel like it.
- Following through when you don’t see the progress you’re looking for.
- When a campaign isn’t as effective as you hoped it would be, make some modifications and try it again
- If you don’t get the contract or client you were hoping for, take stock if what you think happened and reach out, better prepared, to another ideal client

You have the ability to shape your world. Sometimes it's in a big and visible way but sometimes may feel small.

But remember, it's the sandpaper that brings a piece of art to life. Don't fear the small.

Alright, Gorgeous! I hope you find some ways to find some places to insert your sandpaper into your week.



Ep 24: Have You Ever Started To Work on Something New When WHAM! All The Negative Thoughts Crash Your Party? Well, Take Courage!

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It's nothing new for me. But this time really took me off guard. When I start to work on something new or big, I've learned to expect some of the "usual suspects" (those negative thoughts that are always nearby when we discover we've been holding ourselves back) will always crash the party.

Here's what happened...

I hope you are off to a good start with your goals for the new year.

I also hope your goal is to take on something slightly larger than you did in 2017. Because, frankly, if your goals are a repeat of what you've already done last year, how is that making your business any better? Or your life any better? Or your world any better? We are programmed as people to want to move forward.

I want to take a moment and be especially transparent. Let me know if something like this has ever happened to you. 

Yesterday, New Years Day, I sat down to work with my goals and plans in place. Nothing left to chance, I was ready to work.

This year, I approached my goals in a very strategic way. Based on everything I've learned from high-achievers and from working with amazing women, I clearly defined my goals and even had a clear roadmap on how I was going to achieve these goals.

So, maybe, because I had all this in place, the really negative self-talk took me by surprise. 

Then, as I was siting there, I was overcome by these thoughts: Am I pursuing something too big? Am I good enough to take this on? Am I worthy of such a big goal?

I’ve come to “expect” these thoughts. It’s a pattern I’ve observed in my own life, when I’m about to start doing/building/pursuing something big and new, these thoughts come knocking. They’re my own personal Glass Walls.

Now, one side of my brain KNEW that those thoughts are what I call “usual suspects” and they are what create the building blocks of Glass Walls. I knew these terrifying thoughts were just that. Thoughts. They were internal. And didn’t necessary have anything to do with reality.

Sometimes we can think “where did these thoughts come from?” 

I have a pretty good idea: OK, we think 60,000 thoughts a day. 95% we think every day. And 40% relate to habits. So, these thoughts are coming up from that other 55% of our thoughts - that if we come up against something like this, a full on assault of our thoughts, and we’re looking for a simple majority, those 55% would win.

And it was like those thoughts banded together for a full-on assault.

But yesterday, I needed more than just the head knowledge of what was going on. That didn’t tame the ferocity. 

Then, a thought crossed my mind that I’ve held close in previous years but hadn’t thought about for quite some time.

Take courage.

It almost has an old-timey ring to it, right? 

It makes me think of Braveheart or some other epic story of taking something on that means so much to them.

What captures my imagination about this phrase is the verb. Take. Not “have.” Or “be given” Or “begrudgingly accept” Or “inherit” 


Take: “reach for and hold” (these are Google's definitions)

Courage: “the ability to do something that frightens one” Latin origin: heart

I feel like there’s a lot of baggage around the word “take.” That baggage doesn’t belong here with this context...

What this phrase is saying is we all have courage. It’s ours. We all have courage. So, when we take it, we’re taking hold of what’s ours. We’re not taking from others. We are not making others weak by taking courage. In fact, we're providing an example and even the space for others to take their courage as well. So, no baggage.

I have this little exercise I used to do and when I remembered it yesterday, I did it again (SO powerful!)...

This may sound a bit woo-woo, but I'll share in a moment why it's not. Here's what I did... I closed my eyes and imagined seeing a bright ball of courage right in front of me. Then I imagined reaching out and taking hold of it. Taking hold of my own personal courage. Something about that picture, and feeling like I was holding courage that was always there but felt out of reach, clarified a few things for me. Courage is simple. Perhaps it's not easy. But it's simple. It's right there. We only need to take it.

Now, back to that woo-woo comment. Here's why I don't think this is an airy-fairy, woo-woo and frivolous exercise. If an exercise that can help elevate your thoughts and take hold of courage is woo-woo, then the thoughts that made you sink down in fear are also woo-woo. If it's woo-woo going up, then it was woo-woo to bring you down. ;)

So, if you’re working on your new years goals and you face similar thoughts, I want you to know a couple things:

1. You’re not alone! Though our specific negative thoughts may be different, we all face them.
2. Don’t accept a simple majority of your thoughts. Remember those 55% of our daily thoughts note above? That's what I mean. Don't feel like you need to accept all your thoughts as truth. 
3. It is completely possible to UnSabotage your thoughts to get past barriers that might have seemed insurmountable before! 100% possible.
4. You have greatness written all over you. Don’t settle in 2018. Reach out and grab that courage that’s sitting right there and get moving.

If you want to talk about how you can UnSabotage your daily thoughts so you can not only get out of your way but also step into your greatness, I’d love to hear from you. Hop on over to UnSabotage.com/letstalk.

Let's schedule a call! And my promise to you with this call is you will hang up knowing your best next move in shattering your own Glass Walls!


Ep 23: How To Be a Champion in Your Business in 2018!

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It's 2018!! Can you believe it? I'm really excited about the New Year and all that it will hold for you. As Christmas came and went for our family, I started to think about what it means to "champion" our business and our goals as we move to the new calendar year...

And it all started when I came across this quote...

"Champions do not become champions when they win the event, but in the hours, weeks, months and years they spent preparing for it. The victorious performance itself is merely the demonstration of their championship character."
~ T. Alan Armstrong

So, as we moved right into 2018, how do we approach this new season with a champion's mindset?

According to this quote, being a champion is rather simple: they have a clear goal and they work their plan until they reach their goal.

It's wildly simple, actually! But sometimes it's hard to feel like we have a goal worthy enough to hold our attention, determination, desire and the necessary time...

Have you take the time to write out your dreams and goals for 2018?

In the spirit of I-would-never-ask-someone-to-do-something-I-haven't-done-myself, here are a few of my larger goals for this year:

  1. Collaborations: I know working with other amazing people who serve this same amazing audience (you!!) will ultimately serve everyone. So, I'm focusing on developing some incredible relationships with similar entrepreneurs to see how we can collectively make our worlds a better place.
  2. My stretch goal: This is the first time I've mentioned this publicly, but I have been fleshing out this idea of developing software that would help people UnSabotage on the go. Say you're preparing for a big meeting and you're not sure why you're feeling so uneasy, this software would be a tool to help you have breakthrough (or even just some clarity) quickly. I'm super pumped. But it's also something much larger than myself. I'll keep you posted on the status!
  3. Continue my own personal and professional development: Living in Silicon Valley has been an incredible experience so far and it has only spurred my interest in learning more about the financial side of scaling a business. So, this is also on my list.

So, back to you ;) do you have your big goals figured out? Are they still roaming around in your mind or have you put pen to paper on them yet?

Second, question: Do you have a plan for getting from here to there? If your goals are clearly spelled out (and you know what it will look like and feel like to accomplish them), do you have a step by step roadmap to making sure you get there?

If not (to either question), I have a special gift for you. Just keep reading or watch this week's episode to learn more!

But before we get to that, why would be even WANT to be a champion in our own business? To answer that, let's look at what the word champion actually means. According to Google, a champion is: "A person who has defeated or surpassed all rivals."

Pretty straightforward, right? Or in other words, a champion is someone who faces their obstacles head on and prevails.

But let's go back to Google's definition of the word. How does that word "rival" strike you? Does it get your competition spirit going or does it make you feel kinda yucky like someone has to lose for you to win? 

Well, regardless of how it strikes you, let's reframe what a rival could mean as we're pursuing a champion's mindset (and outcome!).

Perhaps the rival that you're currently facing is a competitor or alternative in the market. BUT... what if the next rival you need to "defeat" or "surpass" is a buggy Wordpress plugin? Or reaching your first 4-figure month, or executing on your first webinar.

How would it change our attitude toward these "rivals" if we saw them for what they are: The next thing standing between us and where we want to be.

All we need to do and to be clear on is our set of rivals and have a plan to "surpass" them.

That great quote again...

"Champions do not become champions when they win the event, but in the hours, weeks, months and years they spent preparing for it. The victorious performance itself is merely the demonstration of their championship character."
~T. Alan Armstrong

Looking back at my brief list of potential rivals (the plugin, a revenue goal, a webinar launch, etc), none of them are insurmountable. All of them are conquerable if...

  1. It's actually stated as a goal AND
  2. You have a roadmap that keeps you moving forward

Simple as that.

That is championship.

Working and not quitting.

So, I'll ask you again, do you have a clear and meaningful goal(s) for 2018? And do you have a roadmap to get you there?

If you're interested in talking with me about how you can make this a reality (and FINALLY have people ask you "What are you doing differently? You're crushing it this year!"), let's talk.

Hop on over HERE where, once you've taken a couple moments to share where you're at, we can schedule a very productive call.

Remember, it's your year to be a champion!


Ep 22: What I learned about FOCUS in my business that helped bring everything into.... well, focus!

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And this one small shift (that totally took me off guard!) can help you FOCUS on what's most important as you build your business in the new year! Check out this week's episode!

Here's the thing about FOCUS. I don't think any of us would argue it's not valuable. Or worth honing as a discipline. 

Just doing a cursory search for "quotes about focus," I found these among many others

Starve your distractions, feed your focus.
Where focus goes, energy flows. - Tony Robbins
Always remember, your focus determines your reality. - George Lucas
Focus on your goal. Don’t look in any direction but ahead.
Life is like a camera, focus on what’s important and you will capture it perfectly.
Focus on the outcome not the obstacle.
FOCUS: Follow One Course Until Successful
Focus like a laser, not a flashlight. - Michael Jordan

And we certainly attribute focus as being one of the secret weapons famous athletes have had to master. But when it comes to bringing it into our own lives, it can sometimes be tricky to implement.

So, I wanted to bring this episode to you as a result of a lot of research, learning from the best and experimenting in my own life. Now, let's get started...

As you may have noticed, I like looking into the definitions and origins of words (and concepts) I'm studying. 

Google defines it as: (N). The center of interest or activity.

SUPER Interesting Fact: The origins of "focus" are Latin and it comes from the root word that means “Domestic hearth.” So, in other words, the center of the home. The center of things.

And just like a hearth with a fire, the heat spreads throughout the home. So, whatever is at your center, your focus, your hearth, it will spread to fill your life.



Internal actions

What we keep thinking about, what we focus on, grows. Just like Tony Robbins said.

I did a series of episodes on “The Usual Suspects” so if these don’t sound familiar, check out my list of links at the bottom of this post to check out these specific episodes.

But as a brief overview, Usual Suspects are those thoughts that always seem to be nearby when we discover we’ve been holding ourselves back.

And it’s these suspects that build the Glass Walls we can run into if we don’t see them coming.

OK… one of the "Usual Suspects" is… “Not enough.” Let's play this out.

If you keep focusing on that thought... Not good enough... Not smart or talented enough… what do you think the inevitable result will be? 

Something I LOVE about our amazing minds is they pay attention to what we think about ourselves.

For better or for worse.

So if we FOCUS on those "not enough" thoughts, our minds will actually start believing those words. And I think our worlds actually get smaller as a result.

Think about it. If your mind starts believing that you're not good enough, for instance, why would it ever pay attention to new and potentially amazing opportunities? It will definitely NOTICE them, but it won't draw your attention to them. That's a crazy thought, isn't it?

NOW… this is no doom and gloom episode. I don’t waste my time on that.  ;)

That’s another amazing thing I love about our minds. When we change our focus, our mind follows suit. Like a driver in a car, we can decide where our mind goes. Nothing is fixed or set in stone with this. When we choose to think differently, everything changes.

We can decide the domestic hearth, the center of things and OUR MINDS RESPOND!


External actions

This is where what we focus on actually takes some kind of physical form. We act, we build, we move, we engage. 


But think of these external actions as the EMISSIONS on your focus.

It’s the by-product. Not the fuel.

So, as we're grasping to master the emissions of others, because it's the only thing we actually see, we're setting ourselves up to be disappointed.

External actions are the proof of the internal actions.


So... if you're asking yourself 

What is my hearth focus for 2018? or

How do I even begin to answer that question?

I've got a very special gift for you.

If you hop on over to UnSabotage.com/NewYear, you'll discover I have an amazing two-part gift for you.

1. You'll receive The New January Action Guide which is jam-packed with exercises and templates to help you narrow down your focus AND get excited about it! 

2. Then, to take this to the next level, you'll also receive your invitation to the Master Class 3 Steps to a Powerful New Year which will be held on December 28th at 6:30pm.

I hope you happily accept these gifts. They're full of heart AND power.

Here's to you and to an amazing 2018! I know you have such greatness in you and I can't wait to see you UNLEASH it into the world! 


P.S. Here are the Usual Suspects episode links I referenced earlier in this post. They're brief by design and pack a punch so enjoy each one!

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Ep 21: Why December is the New January (AND Exactly How You Can Make the Most of it!)

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It all started when a wonderful lady I was speaking with said these words in passing, "Well, December is the new January..."

And even though it was the first time I'd heard those words, it felt like something I'd known all along. So, in this week's episode, I unpack WHY I think this is such a powerful perspective and share my exact process for preparing to make the most of upcoming opportunities!

SIDE NOTE: If you find today's episode helpful, I've created a corresponding Action Guide just for you (because I don't think we should ever reinvent the wheel!). Grab yours HERE!

It's a good one. I hope you enjoy!

Why December is the new January and what to do about it.

I had the chance to talk with a lovely, intelligent lady this last week who mentioned something in passing that has stayed on my mind all week: December is the new January...

I love the idea that we don’t need to wait for January to move forward. And don’t feel like you need to do what everyone else is doing.

Statistics show that 80% of people drop their new year’s resolution by February. And according to Forbes, just 8% of people actually achieve their resolutions.

Why on earth would you want to model that failure rate?

So, I’m proposing we look at things differently and not accept that tradition as the only way to go about bringing goals/change to our life in the winter.

I believe opportunity it open to those who are looking ahead, who are looking for it!

I know I normally talk about finding and shattering our Glass Walls that we put up in our own way or something close to that. But every now and then, I think we need to remember WHY we put in good work like that. WHY go through the efforts to shatter your Glass Walls if you don’t have a clear vision of what life could look like after you step past them.

That’s why I propose to you that December is the new January. I’m going to share with you what has worked for me (a peek into my process) and I’ve created a worksheet for you to do the same. So, take notes if you’d like but I’m going to give you the whole thing after I explain it. K?

1. Pursue Something Big

If we set a goal that we KNOW is totally realistic and COMPLETELY doable, it’s not really a goal… it’s a to-do list item.

PLUS... It’s the best way to learn more about yourself and your world.

And what I'm starting to observe (and have heard from others) is that it also attracts the best people! High-capacity individuals are not drawn to smaller ideas. We're drawn to BIG things that really make a difference. SO... why not give your work, your dream, your goal the best chance of succeeding by not keeping it small so it will attract the best people??

2. Keep Asking WHY

Once you've decided on a goal or a dream for the next year, walk through this exercise to really anchor yourself emotionally, mentally and even relationally to the goal. Here's what the exercise looks like... 

It’s best if you have a partner or friend to work through this, but if you don’t, don’t let that stop you. Once you have that goal, ask yourself the question WHY.

- Then, ask yourself WHY

- Again

- And again

- Ask yourself WHY five times in total.

This will allow you to get past the superficial reasons for moving toward your goal and really get to the heart of things. It may sound overly simple or even annoying, but trust me, the process is really revealing (in the best way!).

I had the chance to speak to a really intelligent business coach last week, Matthew Pollard, and he shared that many high-capacity individuals have goals and dreams that belong to someone else... They could be what you perceived your parent’s goals to be, or your best friends goals, or someone you admire, but if they aren't your own, it probably won’t stand the test of time.

Or... stand the test of “How much do you really want this?” headwinds. Is this term a new one to you? If so, I encourage you to check out Episode 7 on the concept of Lift. To boil it down, everything that climbs uses resistance to get there--even airplanes. They actually take OFF going into the headwinds and use those winds to climb. 

That's why this exercise is really good at drawing out WHY a goal matters to you! It’ll reveal if this goal is anchored enough in what matters to you to push through obstacles.

3. Write It Down

Did you now that we're 42% more likely to make it happen if we write it down??

Once you’ve distilled your goal down to this beautiful reduction, and you’re really clear on your why, write it down! And place it where you can see it.

Would you ever imagine a crucial step could be so easy?? Refreshingly, it is. So, please don't skip this super important step!

4. Surround Yourself With People Who Want to Move Forward Too!

Unfortunately, it’s not hard to find people who will nay-say your dreams and goals. Some of us know all too well the feeling of Tall Poppy Syndrome

And I also know that the simple idea of making sure you surround yourself with others who don't want to accept an 80% failure rate for their goals in 2018 will position you for MUCH more success! 

We go further together. 

That's a large part of why UnSabotage exists.

And I hope you found today's episode challenging and actionable.

In fact, I created a handout based on this episode just for you! It's a step-by-step process of walking through these exercises with other tips and amazing secrets to reaching your goals one after the other! 

Get access to yours now! Simply hop on over to: unsabotage.com/thenewjanuary

Until next week, don't settle for a success method that has an 80% failure rate. You're better than that and claiming that this December is your new January is a HUGE step forward in making that a reality.


Ep 20: Why You Should Ask The Question That Got You In Trouble As a Child!

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Hey, Gorgeous! I'm back in the The States this week and I'm really excited about today's episode. It's all about asking that question (watch the episode or read below to learn what it is!) that probably got you or your friends in trouble when you were in grade school - either by teachers or by your parents.

I hope this is episode is both challenging and inspiring as you step into your greatness this week! Enjoy!

The question that probably got you in trouble in grade school and why you SHOULD ask it now! (PLUS, a carrier pigeon!)

Welcome to Episode 20 of UnSabotage with Ginny Townsend! I’m so excited and I want to celebrate - so I’ll tell you how at the end.

What is that one question that probably got you in trouble in grade school - maybe with a parent, or a teacher, or even with a friend. But now… harnessed properly, could really help you make some serious steps forward!

Here’s the question: “Says who?”

Do you have memories popping up of when you or someone you knew asked that question as a kid? Oh dang! They’re going to get in so much trouble!!

But it’s interesting how things change but we don’t get a notification that they DID change.

So, as you’re building something amazing in your life, whatever your business looks like right now, I’m sure you didn’t receive a notification on your phone, or a letter in the mail, or a courier delivered letter, or a courier pigeon telling you that the rules changed about this question.

So, I’m going to be your courier today! Your carrier pigeon! Here’s your official decree and proclamation!

Dear Lady Townsend, 

Please accept our sincere apologies for not sharing this important proclamation until this moment. 

We applaud your efforts in being a respectful youth and not asking the question “says who?”

However, it has come to our attention that this limit is no longer required of you. Please consider this proclamation as your official permission to ask “says who?” as you step into your greatness.

Actually, your world needs you to ask this question of others but especially of yourself!

Sincerest regards,
The Authorities

And while this may sound silly - actually I hope it sounds really silly! 

Because sometimes we view permission to do something from an external source as having more credibility than internal permission-giving. 

This is actually a glass wall I’ve experienced running into in different iterations. Waiting for permission. External permission. And I’ve spoken with enough driven, entrepreneurial women to know I’m not the only one who has experienced this wall.

So back to the question…

What does asking “Says who” actually look like in our lives?

If you find yourself thinking: Oh, I could never do that? - Says who

Or “Oh, I’m not good enough for that?” says who

Or “Oh, I’m not ready for that” - says who

Or “Oh, this isn’t a typical career” - says who

Or “What if it doesn’t work?” - says who

Or “What if I look like I don’t know what I’m doing?” - says who

Or “What if I’m not the best at it?” - says who

Or any other Glass Walls style thought that may cross your mind.

Challenge it. Ask “says who?” And if you don’t come up with a great answer, don’t trust the thought. 

It’s a limiting thought that probably THINKS it has your best in mind. But you’re not in grade school anymore. 

At first the thought may seem like it has authority - but look, you have a proclamation. From the authorities. 

And if you want one for yourself, email me at heyginny@unsabotage.com with the subject line Says who? and the name you want on your proclamation. There’s no cost. No commitment. Simply an early holiday gift from me to you.


Ep 19: Do You Have Big Goals for 2018? Here's My Best Secret For Doing Things I've Never Done Before...

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Hey, Gorgeous! As the New Year Approaches, I find myself thinking about all that I want to do in 2018. And many of those things (goals, really) are things I've never done before. Do you find the same thing for you?

If so, this is the perfect episode for you! I'm actually in the middle of doing something I've never done before IN this episode and I hope what I have to share encourages you and challenges you to step up and make some seriously strides toward those goals (even before the New Years Even clock strikes midnight!).


What should we do to get from here to there?

I've gravitated to this really simple and profound statement as I plan for 2018... 

To do things I've never done before, I need to do things I've never done before!

That's actually why I’m here in London right now. If you haven't already watched this episode, I'm in London for a Christmas party. So, before you write me off as being frivolous, I have a couple things I'd love to share with you. 

A few days before receiving this Christmas party invitation, I decided to make live events with other women who are doing amazing things a true PRIORITY for me! In other words, I decided that IRL (or "in real life") allows for some incredible friendships to blossom, lovely connections to be made and don't get me started about the conversations that can happen! #IloveIRL

And if you've seen or listened to Episode 7 where I talk about the concept of Lift (like an airplane, we can actually use the winds of resistance to climb), you may remember me referencing the "How much do you want this?" headwinds.

Even though a Christmas party may not be considered a "headwind," the invitation sure felt like an opportunity to prove to myself how strongly I'll hold to my new IRL priority.

So, I knew I needed to figure out a way to make this happen! 

Once I'd made the decision to go, I moved to think about all that I want to be a part of and accomplish in 2018. And I asked myself this question, "Why do I need to wait until the ball drops on December 31st to start acting on my New Year's Goals?

As I listed out all that I want to do next year, then started listing out all that I'd need to actually DO to make those goals and dreams a reality, I noticed something in common around a lot of these "tasks."

Many of them I'd never done before. And oddly, that was comforting. Because the goals I've set are for things I've never done before. So, if all the tasks were things I felt comfortable doing or wouldn't have to learn or ask for help in accomplishing, my plans for reaching those goals would probably fall short, right?

Because what got us here won't get us there, right?

And if I haven't shared my driving statement for my works, it's this: All women living bigger lives.

Now, how on earth does this purpose become a reality without doing things I've never done before? :) (HINT: It doesn't)

So, as you look at your plans for 2018, I have a two-part challenge for you.

1. What is your BIG goal for 2018? If you could wrap up all the things you want to accomplish into one BIG goal, what would that goal be? (And, to clarify BIG, I mean something you've never done before... Do you get a sense of what the second half of this challenge will be??)

2. Once you've defined that ONE BIG goal for 2018, what is ONE THING you've NEVER DONE BEFORE that you can do THIS WEEK to move you toward that goal? 

Because often time, all we need is a little momentum. A little bit of excitement or courage to move to the next thing, big or small.

And honestly, here's the thing... time is going to pass either way.

So, I hope you accept my challenge and DO SOMETHING YOU'VE NEVER DONE THIS WEEK to move you toward that goal.

Want to share your goal with someone - or share the ONE THING you'd never done before that you finally DID? Comment below and tell me all about it! I promise to cheers you on!

And speaking of doing things I’ve never done to get me where I’ve never been, I’m hold my first ever MasterClass called Shatter Your Glass Walls (So You Can Step Into a Life You Adore!) this coming Tuesday, December 5th! I’d be so honored if you’d join me.

Click HERE to find out all the great details.

Have an amazing week and, like I said, I hope you do something (it doesn’t have to be big) this week that you’ve never done before to move you toward your goals and your greatness!

Until next week!


Ep 18: Should We Be Grateful For What's Possible (Or Just What We Already Have)?

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Happy Thanksgiving, Gorgeous!

I absolutely love this time of year... here in the United States, we're celebrating Thanksgiving which tends to create moments for people to pause and consider what they're grateful for. PLUS... I recently heard an incredible entrepreneur speak about innovations and new technologies that are almost a reality. 

And these innovations he discussed, they're big ones. Think: illness will be optional and clean water will be as available as air.

Did that get your attention? If so, I think you'll really enjoy today's Thanksgiving episode as I unpack what this could look like, what it means for us as women entrepreneurs in a very disruptive business environment PLUS a challenge to not only be grateful for what we have but to be grateful for what's possible.

Because, frankly, most things are truly possible. Enjoy!

Since this week is Thanksgiving here in the United States, I wanted to share something that has captured my attention this past week: it’s about an entirely different type of abundance than I think we’re used to considering that could allow us to see diamonds as a commodity and find clean water as prevalent as air… and for that, I’m so thankful.

I love living in Silicon Valley and being near all the amazing companies that shatter the limits of what we may think is normal or possible.

Let me give you an example.

I recently heard a brilliant entrepreneur and influencer speak named Naveen Jain.

To be honest I think of myself as someone who doesn’t think small. I try to always have something or someone challenging what’s included in my gift box of possibilities: what I view as being possible to give and receive. And viewing them as gifts, always reminds me to be thankful for them.  

We all have these gift boxes, right? And interestingly enough, what we hold as possible in this box defines our lives. But these gift boxes are subjective in size. And he really challenged me to include things in my personal realm of possibility I’d never considered before, to expand this gift box.

In his words, “There is never a shortage of opportunity, just a shortage of thinking.”

And I agree with this. It’s easy to hear the news and think, “wow, there is so much scarcity, there is so much lack, there is so much hopelessness.” But I lovingly challenge you to not accept those thoughts as the whole picture. I lovingly challenge you to see that there is always more. I’m not saying that ignoring the problem is the way to go. Quite the opposite. I wholeheartedly believe that knowing there is more is the first step to changing those situations of scarcity, lack and hopelessness. 

Back to Naveen. He is preparing to send rockets to the moon for mining and development. No big deal. Here are some of his predictions to paint a clearer picture of what the possibilities look like...

  • Tickets to the moon being under 10K in the next decade (less that an international first class ticket)
  • The first baby will be born on the moon in the next 20 years
  • He even said that the moon could be our 8th continent (While this may sound crazy, think about how far Australia seemed a few hundred years ago to explorers and merchants. It probably felt as far as the moon feels now!)
  • Mining the moon, he estimates there are $16 quadrillion in mining resources near the surface (Here’s a reference point. I’m not trying to be political but I think this is the largest number we may have in our consciousness to pain a comparison, and that’s the US National Debt (at this writing it's around $20 Trillion). It’s something that the news frequently calls “crippling.” How does the national debt stack up again these resources. 1/8 of 1%. 0.125%. It’s crazy to think that the national debt isn’t even a rounding error of the moon’s resources. That’s a lot of resources quickly becoming available to mankind!)
  • He predicts that moon rocks will make diamonds a commodity - things that used to be viewed as scarce. (This made me think of salt. A few hundred years ago people would guard their salt as their most valuable possession, but now we're being told to consume less of it!! Limit. Shattered.)

Here’s another project he’s working on:

  • Illness will be optional 
  • That health care will be wildly disrupted by this technology such that consumers will be able to go straight to the science vs always needing a doctor
  • This is surprisingly near: the next decade or so

Let me ask a question of you, right now. What’s coming up for you as I share these shockingly current projects? Is it wide-eyed amazement? Excitement? Grateful to be alive right now? Fear? Overwhelm? Worried about being obsolete? Can you imagine growing your business (or starting a new business) in either exponential fields I just referenced? Space and health.

It’s compelling to note that a few skills become obsolete every year. But I hope that you don’t feel a sense of scarcity rise up as you hear this. 

What I want for you is the exact opposite. Limits are currently, very actively being pushed out farther than us. I hope you are looking at these new spaces that are opening up, new areas that previously had limits on them but are currently evaporating.

As markets continue to be disrupted, new opportunities will always arise. Businesses that don’t make sense right now will likely be some of the strongest in the future. 

What will people complain about then? What problems worthy of solving will then exist if resources like diamonds are commodities and clean water is like air? 

Like Alan Kay said, “The only way to predict the future is to invent it.”

Every time I hear someone talking about disruptive technologies affecting industries and practices we’ve never seriously been able to question in our lifetime, I keep thinking the biggest differentiator will continue to be our own mental game. How we think as we approach these shifts, in other words, how we interact with our own minds as we build businesses in a more limitless economy.

In an especially exciting time in technology, it’s more important than ever to be aware of our own Glass Walls - those barriers we’ve unintentionally set up in our own way. And if this term is new to you, it’s the phrase we use around here that envelopes the limiting thoughts and old habits that largely influence our day.

If you want to learn more about these Glass Walls, see the end of this post. I've gathered the links for some of my favorite episodes that paint a clearer picture of these Walls and how they can influence our lives.

It’s all about that gift box of possibilities we have subjectively framed for our lives. But I contend that we are made in the image of love, in the image of infinite, in the image of limitless so I hope you remain committed to fostering your biggest differentiator, or your mind.

I came across this thought about our minds by biologist Lyall Watson that I’ll paraphrase: “If the brain were simple enough to understand, we’d be so simple we couldn’t.” 

And as you’re planning on how you’re developing yourself, to build your dreams in a limitless world, how will you invest in yourself? 

If you’re looking for a roadmap to discover this Glass Walls in your life and shatter them so you can pursue these limitless dreams, I encourage you to join me as I launch my Masterclass series starting on Tuesday, December 5th. 

To claim your invitation, visit unsabotage.com/masterclass and I can’t wait for you to join me for this session.

Remember, there is always more. We need only look for it and be open to it.

And for that, we can be so grateful! So whether or not you’re currently in the States, I hope you take some time this week to be grateful not only for what you have, but for all that is possible. Sometimes life feels turbulent and scarce, but again my challenge to you is to commit yourselves to this notion: there is always more. 

Just because we don’t see everything right now, it doesn’t mean someone else isn’t working on something that will help you propel your business and life forward in the next couple of months.

Happy Thanksgiving, friends! And I’ll see you next week for Episode 19!

Bye, Gorgeous.


P.S. Here are the other episodes I referenced in today's show about Glass Walls:

Episode 1: What are Glass Walls?
Episode 12: The Best Lesson a Glass of Wine Ever Taught Me
Episode 13: Did You Know The Thought "Not Enough" Has A Sinister Sibling?
Episode 14: Changing This ONE HOLD HABIT Forever Altered My Business
Episode 15: Have You Met The Super Scary "Always Monster" and "Never Monster?"

Ep 17: The 3-Letter Word That Will Change Your WORLD!

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Hey, Gorgeous! I'm really excited about this episode. Like the title implies, this 3-letter word is a complete GAME-CHANGER! And, like I share in today' episode, it's a word that keeps coming up throughout my day in all kinds of ways.

So, I figured I'd look you in on my journey and hope it encourages and challenges you to step into your greatness specifically in this area.

So, what on earth is this magical 3-letter word that will change your world?


It's a word that can feel uncomfortable and "squishy," I realize that. It can have a lot of emotional baggage or weight, it can give you some anxiety, or if can make you feel pretty vulnerable (these last two are more specifically how this word affects me). 

So in the efforts of trying to remove the emotional effect of the word, (and because I love to know the actual definition of words when I dig into them), I decided to "ask" Google what "ask" means: “to say something in order to obtain an answer”

Well, that definition takes the emotion out of the word, doesn't it? "To say something in order to obtain an answer." Has there ever been a more straightforward take on this word??

OK, now that we know what we're working on, let's dig a little deeper. I had a conversation with a gentleman who was raising funds to launch his own VC fund. Specifically, we were talking about women in business.

He shared that he’s spoken with several women who have brilliant business ideas or software or other tech prototypes even, but have self-eliminated. They’ve talked themselves out of the idea before they ever had a chance to ASK for the funding.

And, on the other hand, he’s seen the most confident men in the world asking for money to fund ideas that weren't at all viable!

Side note: In no way am I saying all men have crappy ideas and all women stay silent. But this was a pattern we were discussing.

And I wish I could tell you its the first time I've heard it. But this is a rather common thread I keep hearing AND seeing in my community, and to be totally honest, in my own life (Which is why I think I keep seeing that word ASK!).

It is so much easier for me to ask on behalf of someone else. Is that the case for you, too?

So, with this pattern in mind, I thought I would dig into that gap between having a great idea and making the ASK. What are the steps in between? Where do we as amazing entrepreneurial women potentially put up Glass Walls in our way? Especially when we're so close to being funded!

And the result of my studying is three specific steps. When I pulled everything together, I noticed that all three words started with the letter C. At first I thought, "Oh, no! Did this just get cheesy??" 

But I really think that the three C's will help this roadmap be memorable, so the best words won!

Here they are: Clarity, Courage, Collaboration.

Clarity: Clarity about what we want, about what we need, about where we want to be.

Have you ever been in this situation where you’re hanging out with friends or your significant other and one of you suggests going out to eat. Then the inevitable question, “Where do you want to go?” Why is it so common in that moment for no one to know what to say?? Unless someone is clear about where they want to eat, that dinner discussion will hang around for longer than we’d all expect.

I think we've all been in this exact situation! And that moment when someone becomes clear about what they want to eat for dinner is a really REFRESHING moment! That's right--clarity is refreshing.

It's its own kind of authority and people really respect it.

It’s ok to be clear about what you want.

And it’s ok to ask for what you’re clear about.

One more surprising thing I realized about clarity is that it is a small hinge that opens larger doors.

Courage: One of the biggest ah-ha's I experienced this week as I studied this material, was that COURAGE is the EMISSIONS of CLARITY. 

I know we all have moments where we feel like, "Ah! I just wish I had the courage to ask for X." But realizing that this courage comes AS A RESULT of the clarity made me appreciate clarity even more.

But courage still has it's place in the pre-ask roadmap. Once we have clarity, we still need the courage to open something: dial the number for that important phone call, walk into the room of a big event, walk up to your ideal audience and say "hello." 

These all take courage. But when you have the clarity, the courage seems to make more sense.

Collaboration: It's within this collaboration space where the ASKs start to exist. Once you've started talking with another entrepreneur you want to collaborate with (my story is in today's episode), the ASKs become specific and intentional.

I really do love this phase. It's where things that will make a difference get birthed. It's where you can work on something that will have a further reach than you as an individual ever may.

So, the pre-ask roadmap, in my opinion, is a worthwhile journey to follow. And it all starts with a little bit of clarity.

Which brings me to my weekly challenge: What is 1 thing you need to gain clarity around this week to position you to open those bigger doors? Hint: just chose 1, and get super clear about it.

AND... how could I ever create an episode encouraging you to make the ASK if I don't do it myself? That would make me so incongruent!

With that in mind, I'm so excited to announce that I'll be starting a Masterclass Series in December! My first one will be sharing all the good stuff around Shattering Your Glass Walls.

And since I want to thank you for being a part of this launch, I'll be giving away some goodies between now and then. So, don't miss out! Claim your invitation today! 

Alright, Gorgeous. Have an amazing week and remember to ASK!


P.S. Interested in learning more about my relationship to this word ASK? I did an episode a few weeks back about one a type of ask we shouldn’t do as we grow our business: and that’s asking for permission. It’s Episode 8. Check it out now!

Ep 16: The Biggest Universal Law That Affects Your Success (Plus I Have a Catapult!)

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As I wrap up the Usual Suspects series, I wanted to tie everything up in a nice little bow. How did I do that? Great question!

I went back to one of my favorite questions: WHY? 

Why is knowing what our Glass Walls are made of even important? Why did Ginny personify the building blocks that make up these Glass Walls? Why does all of this even matter?

I answer all these questions in today's episode by connecting them to one of the universe's most consistent laws... Check it out!

Episode 16: The Biggest Universal Law That Affects Your Success (Plus I Have a Catapult!!) 

Who ever gets to make that last statement?? I'm excited about today's episode for this and several other reasons.

If you're a reader like me, here are more of my notes. Enjoy!

Why is shattering your glass walls so important? Why is knowing the Usual Suspects so important?

And again, Usual Suspects are my way of personifying the thoughts and habits that create our Glass Walls.

Personifying ideas, thoughts or topics is a very powerful practice! One of the exercises I do with my students is I ask them to personify success.

What does it wear? How does it talk? How does it interact with others? How does it carry itself? Is it masculine or feminine?

Side Note: We could ask SO many questions, but I've discovered that just a few questions in, a persona starts to emerge. You'll be surprised. It's very eye-opening.

Because if we think success (regardless of how we define that word) is a tool we’ll stop ourselves from becoming that tool! I promise. So, it is wildly powerful to know what we think of things like success, failure, commitment and so on.

And even more than those topics, I'm a huge believer in personifying the building blocks that make our Glass Walls! 

Something I consider to be part of my role here at UnSabotage is to bring you new ways of looking at things like this to hopefully shed new light, create space for a well-timed ah-ha moment that opens you to a new success. It's something I really love to do, too!

I like trying to find other ways of looking at something that allow the ability to see things more clearly! 

For instance, it’s like holding this in your hand: a catapult! (If you haven't already, watch today's episode. I share the backstory of this little gem and why I thought it was so important to feature it as my FIRST EVER prop here on UnSabotage with Ginny Townsend!)

Bottom line: You can see it from one perspective, but if you look at it differently, you see so much more.

Simply because we see it from a different perspective! Nothing about the object itself has changed! It's just the vantage point from where we're watching.

So, today I thought I’d talk about one set of results we see if we’re being boxed in by those walls or shattering them.

Because as business women and entrepreneurs, we care about results, don’t we? I'm preaching to the choir here, right?

So, what are the results when we remain boxed in or shatter the walls and step through?

The different perspective I'd like to share with you today is this idea of Expanding and Contracting.

What do I mean by this? (first of all, if you're thinking, "Ginny, that's so woo woo!" give me a couple minutes and I'll show you that it's not!)

  • Our lungs are always expanding or contracting
  • Our bank accounts are always expanding or contracting
  • Our waistlines are always expanding or contracting
  • Our relationships are always expanding or contracting
  • Our free time is always expanding or contracting
  • Social movements are always expanding or contracting
  • Lakes and creeks are always expanding or contracting
  • Even plants are always expanding or contracting
  • It's pretty safe to say, everything in our world is always expanding or contracting

In other words, everything is always changing. 

Not woo woo is it?

So, doesn’t it make sense that our thoughts and therefore our lives are doing the same? Why would our thoughts and their relation to our lives be the ONLY exception to this universal law?

Here’s how it relates to what we’ve been talking about these past few weeks on the usual suspects:

  • Thoughts that limit us, by their own nature are contracting, right?
  • Thoughts that make you think less of yourself, of the world, of others: Contracting.
  • Habits that were defined and created when we were in a previous role but no longer fit your life are contracting, right?
  • Habits that set us up to play small or put other’s priorities first: Contracting.

Why contract when you have the ability to expand?

So, with all this in mind, my challenge this week is a simple one:

As you work, as you interact, as you do you, take a moment and simply ask, "Is this expanding or contracting my world? Is this expanding or contracting my work? Is this expanding or contracting the impact I want to make?"

So, I hope the answer to each of these questions is EXPANDING but if it's not, you are beautifully empowered to change things around.

I hope you have an amazing and expansive week. Until next time!


P.S. If you're looking for the other episodes I referenced that introduce some of the most common Usual Suspects, here's a quick list with their links. Enjoy!

Episode 12: Not Enough
Episode 13: Too Much
Episode 14: Other People's Priorities
Episode 15: The Always and Never Monsters


Ep 15: Have You Met The Super Scary "Always Monster" and "Never Monster?" #BOO

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First of all, if you're reading this on October 31st, the day I posted it, Happy Halloween!

But either way, let's talk about what I mean by the "Always Monster" and the "Never Monster." Take a look at this week's episode below or hop on over to the original Facebook post to comment.

I hope you find today's episode encouraging and challenging as you continue to work on yourself and grow your business.

What I'm MOST encouraged by in this episodes is these monsters are only scary if we DON'T know they exist. Once we know they're there, they lose SO much power. 

Okay, let's get into it...

The other set of ugly twins, monsters actually, falls into the "Usual Suspects" category

What are "Usual Suspects?" Great question! If this is a new term for you, here's what I mean. "Usual Suspects" are those limiting thoughts and old habits we find lurking nearby when we discover we've been holding ourselves back.

If you want to learn more about a few more "Usual Suspects," feel free to check out Episode 12, Episode 13, and Episode 14. Each one of these digs a little deeper AND provides very practical tips on ditching them. 

Now back to the Always and Never Monsters...

In Episode 5, I did an episode around one specific instance of the Never usual suspect: “Oh, I could never do that.” 

So, if you haven’t watched or listened to it, I’d encourage you to do so!

Let’s take a look at some examples of when these usual suspects can show up

“I always mess things up”

“I never reach my goals”

There are many more, but you get the gist, right?

OK, because I think words are so rich and knowing their real definitions, no not assuming we know their entire meaning, I usually look them up to get more of a picture of WHO they are...

Always: At all times, on all occasions

Never: At no time in the past or future, on no occasion, not ever

So, let’s take a look at those statements I just made:

“I always mess things up” or in other words “I at all times and on all occasions mess things up”

Or: “I never reach my goals” in other words, “I at no time in the past or future, and on no occasion do I reach my goals.”

When I substituted the definition for the word, the statement sounded less real, didn’t it? It also sounded SO MUCH MEANER! I can't imagine saying something like that to a loved one! But we say things like that to ourselves on a regular basis.

So, why is knowing this and no longer making these statements important?

Our mind pays attention to what we say!

Sometimes, I think we forget that our mind is a living, changing thing. That might sound weird to say, but it’s true.

And it listens to what we say.

And that protective part of your brain, the one that views pretty much everything as a threat, really pays attention to what you say. So, if you say something like “I never reach my goals” enough times, that crocodile brain of your will start to see goals as a threat simply because we feel we "never" reach them. Think about the far-reaching ramifications of that newly-wired-into-our-minds limit?

I must add a caveat to the always/never usual suspects. There are some instances that we should treat differently but I also think we’ll recognize them when we hear ourselves say it: for instance, “I always overcommit to things” or “I never leave the house on time.” 

Do you see how those instances feel different? They aren't necessarily limiting thoughts, they're more like guard rails keeping you in your lane. Is the nuance clear? I hope so.

The Weekly Challenge: If you hear yourself start to say “I always…” or “I never…” stop yourself and think about it. Question it’s validity.

And because I adore you, I came up with some always/never statements that feel worthy of you:

You were ALWAYS meant to live when and where you do. Own it.
There will NEVER be anyone like you ever again.
Your world will ALWAYS be a better place when you step into your greatness.
Playing small will NEVER serve you.



Ep 14: Changing This ONE HOLD HABIT Forever Altered My Business

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In this week's episode, we continue to discuss "Usual Suspects" - you know, those pesky thoughts and habits hanging out nearby when you discover you've been getting in your own way.

This week, I share an "old habit" that, once I discovered that it existed, I was able to change it and forever alter my business. Check it out!

Old habits can be tricky to recognize and change, because like I mention in today's episode, the habit could have served you really well when the habit was formed. But now... it may just serve to hold you back from you new goal or from excelling in your new business.

So, what do you think?

Did you find this thought process helpful?

Do you resonate with this specific old habit of valuing others' priorities over your own?

I hope you find today's episode empowering and encouraging. You've got an amazing gift that your world desperately needs to see. So, let's continue to UnSabotage together, shall we?

Thanks again for joining me for another episode of UnSabotage with Ginny Townsend.

Until next time, get out there and UnLeash your greatness.