Ginny Townsend

Ginny Townsend

The journey of getting out of your own way takes place on a surprisingly grace-filled and generously wide path when you don’t go it alone.
— Ginny Townsend

About Ginny

Ginny Townsend, a military wife, has lived all over the country with her handsome hubby and has enjoyed a fulfilling career in marketing in every state they’ve lived. 

Her vision is “To Help Women Live Bigger Lives.” Helping others see their potential is a common thread found in her more recent career so, a journal like this is a natural extension of her heart, her wisdom and her talents. 

Growing up the daughter of an English teacher, Ginny always had a book and journal within arm’s reach. Over the years, Ginny discovered that she’d developed a journaling framework of sorts for self-discovery and self-development which eventually formed the basis of UnSabotage.

A Bit More About Ginny:

• She first studied classical violin in college

• On any given Saturday, you can find Ginny and her husband hiking near their home in Northern California

• She’s probably listening to Country or 90’s Pop Music right now

• Ginny was bold enough to ride along in the first helicopter flight her husband, Drew, ever piloted

• She has the superpower of analogy; just share a story with her and she will find a fitting analogy within moments

• And finally, the chances of Ginny starting a sentence with “So, I was listening to a podcast the other day...” are alarmingly high